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Whether you are a newly converted corporation seeking to establish a foundation, a socially conscious individual aspiring to higher office, or a family seeking to formalize your philanthropic efforts, Calyx brings the experience you need to get you started.

For existing funders, we understand the value of planning for your foundation’s future and ensuring you are attaining your mission and serving your grantees. We work with existing funders to refine and evaluate grantmaking programs, develop roadmaps for the future, and ensure your grantmaking programs are working to make your desired impact in the community. Calyx can help you.

Foundation Start Up Services

  • General Office Administrative and Support Services - We offer a full range of services for our customers which include phone service, mail, meeting minutes, government compliance, meeting planning and any other administrative services they might need.
  • Accounting – Calyx's CPA has 27 years of experience working with nonprofit and for profit organizations. We can create specialized accounting plans for your private foundation and in the creation of spending policies and budgets for each. Grants Management and Administration – We will work with you to develop and implement a grantmaking plan, using traditional or web-based programs.
  • Meetings Management - We manage several boards for individual private foundations. We create board books, send meeting reminders, assist the Chairs with setting agendas, record minutes, and create specialized financial and grant reports.
  • Board Retreats – We are available to facilitate 2 retreats and assist in further developing their policies and procedures.
  • Compliance – Calyx keeps up to date on new rules and regulations facing private foundations, community foundations, and nonprofit organizations through membership in several national organizations. Our CPA, who is also our compliance officer, ensures all our clients are in full compliance will all rules and regulations.
  • Website Design – We have assisted in the design and currently update five different websites for foundations that we manage.
  • Marketing – We also have a marketing and public relations specialist on our staff who is available to assist in any PR needs.
  • Risk Management and Insurance – We work with each of our clients to assess their risks and bring insurance options for them to consider.
  • Reports – Working with each client, we develop individual reports to meet all their needs, and particularly excel in oversight for government or foundation grant reporting for charitable programming initiatives.

Family Philanthropy

Calyx specializes in helping family foundations operate effectively and achieve maximum impact in their giving while taking into consideration family dynamics, involving younger generations, and honoring donor intent. Calyx can help your branded foundation:

  • Support the board in defining mission, values, goals and priorities.
  • Plan for the future and develop a unified focus for your family philanthropy.
  • Increase board effectiveness, clarify roles and expectations, create synergy and focus on shared goals.
  • Actively and strategically engage the next generation in the foundation.
  • Resolve donor intent.
  • Develop staffing plans and job descriptions, and assist in recruiting qualified staff.
  • Facilitate special retreats for family foundations that address unique themes such as finding common ground for grantmaking, understanding roles and responsibilities, consensus building and group dynamics, and involving the next generation in grantmaking.

Capacity Building for Grantees

Calyx brings a history of working with both nonprofit organizations and grantmakers. This duality enables funders to benefit from our direct experience in the nonprofit sector, knowledge of inside trends, and deep understanding of the complex needs of our region’s diverse communities. Calyx can help your foundation:

  • Design innovative and relevant technical assistance programs that complement grants by increasing the capacity of grantees in nonprofit management, planning, leadership enhancement, and fund development.
  • Train foundation staff on how to work closely with nonprofit leaders to strengthen management and leadership skills.
  • Conceptualize and craft your foundation’s messaging and collateral materials to effectively communicate with nonprofit leaders.
  • Lead one-on-one consulting sessions with grantee organizations, underwritten by your foundation, to provide high-touch and effective capacity building services in the areas where your grantees need it most.

Board and Staff Development

Building effective leadership and management systems are essential to achieving goals and delivering value through grantmaking. Calyx can work with your foundation on recruitment, effective organization, and leadership development of both your board and your staff. Calyx can help your foundation:

  • Clarify board and staff roles and responsibilities.
  • Provide counsel regarding foundation policies, procedures, systems, and best practices.
  • Strengthen your board of directors by addressing issues such as: governance, board/staff roles, non-family member integration, discretionary funds, and building consensus.
  • Provide ongoing professional development training to your staff in proposal review, conducting site visits, understanding financial statements, and understanding the landscape of nonprofit grantee applicants.

Board Retreats

Planning engaging retreats can enable your board and staff leadership to identify priorities, build consensus, and make strategic decisions about the foundation’s future. Calyx brings a history of designing beyond business-as-usual working retreats for both boards and staff members on areas of importance for your foundation.