The Reavis Report:

We are Calyx

Calyx Advisors offers customized campaign counsel, operations management, development and support of foundation programs and community relations, and start-up services to celebrity, youth-oriented nonprofits, and political campaign clients from Massachusetts to California.  Player development specialists, Calyx offers a range of complementary services to individual athletes via team player development professional workshops and interactive one-on-one advising.

More About Us

This is What We Do

For our individual athlete and “public persona” celebrity clients, in addition to personal brand management, Calyx supports the managed growth and oversight of donor advised funds, while also promoting the healthy transfer of intergenerational wealth.

For our political campaign clients, Calyx maintains a network of professionals and community leaders who provide guidance on every level of campaign management:  from campaign finance, field, and communications, to target messaging and election day operations.

For established foundations and nonprofits, we can provide a fresh perspective on your operational management needs.  We work with established philanthropic entities while at the same time helping major individual donors design and implement what we like to call personal generosity plans. No matter where you are in your foundation development, we can help. We can conceptualize and develop a new foundation including establishing grantmaking vision, guidelines, policies, and staffing structure.

Our Services

Trust Calyx to Build Your Foundation, Block by Block

Foundation building is at the heart of Calyx’s mission. Whether you are a candidate seeking an edge over the competition in field, messaging and election day activities, a young company planning to establish a new foundation, or a family seeking to formalize your philanthropic efforts, Calyx brings the experience you need to get you where you need to go with a strong start, and an even stronger finish.

Calyx Will Guide You To A Stronger Legacy

Let us establish your Donor Advised Fund or Charitable Remainder Trust. DAFs and CRTs are excellent vehicles for individuals who plan on leaving a portion of their estate to charity, but need to continue receiving income from their investment portfolios. If your objective is an income tax deduction, a Charitable Living Trust can be structured so that annual payments are made to a nonprofit and the principal is returned to you at a designated point in time.

Map Your Future With Calyx, and Your Wealth and Brand Assets Will Never Be Lost

Brand management, it’s what we do.
If its an elected office you seek, or a ballot initiative you’d like to pass or defeat, Calyx will actively engage in mapping and implementing your plan of action.  We work with both established philanthropic entities as well as help major donors design and implement generosity plans. And no matter how challenging the political or regulatory terrain, Calyx will help demystify the landscape for new foundations and provide established foundations with a fresh perspective.

With Calyx, you are in trustworthy and competent hands.
We are very familiar with the tax and legal considerations of philanthropic planning and will work with you and your other advisors to put everything in place for the future.